Hi Everybody!

Well, it has taken me a looooong while to figure out how to get this blog site to look like I wanted.  It isn’t perfect, mind you, but at least it’s reasonably functional.  I stopped posting early in our travels in Spain while I struggled, irritatingly without success, to make what I typed into the blog look like what got posted.  Not that I had a lot of free time to do this, mind you, what with reading guidebooks, planning things to see, reserving places to stay, and actually going off to see things, and eating dinner starting late, and choosing items off the menu, and selecting the wine and so forth.  Work, work, work!  Am I hearing sounds of sympathy??  So we did a lot of traveling in Spain, and a little in Brussels, and you heard nothing from me, in part because I was avoiding the frustration of that website.  And now we’re in New Zealand.  So I took the time to throw this steer, ma’am, and by gum she’s down!  Not tied up pretty, mind you, there are still problems when posting a passel of images, but go with it.  When the pictures are in thumb nails, click on one of them and you’ll get a slide show.  “esc” to exit.  I’m going to start posting our New Zealand adventures, and will back-fill the early goings as time permits.  Thanks for your patience!

The background, by the way, is Moorish arch decoration from the 1100’s.  The Moors did not suffer the “Dark Ages”.


4 comments on “Hi Everybody!

  1. Barbara says:

    Just saw the “post” button in the upper right-hand corner.
    Pops down a Spain menu, with Ronda next to it.
    It’s working!!!!! Bwaaaaahaaa.

  2. Robin says:

    I look forward to following your travels! Be well!


  3. Matt says:

    Great photos and commentary…look forward to the next update!

  4. Jean says:

    Can’t wait to hear more….hope you are enjoying the Bay of Islands….and had a safe drive.
    Jean And Thanks Again!!!

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