The wine tour that wasn’t

4th day in paradise.  My plan today was to rent a car and visit wineries.  Waiheke is packed with highly regarded wineries, none more so than Stonyridge.  They produce the world-class Larose, one of NZ’s top Bordeaux-style reds.  Most of the Larose vintages are sold out even before bottling (at $220/btl). I was looking forward to their tasting (and most of these wineries have excellent restaurants), as well as visiting several other wineries since they’re all nearby.

HOWEVER, it’s pouring rain outside and Ginger says she’s going to stay home and have a crash day after her ordeal yesterday.  If I know what’s good for me, I’ll stay home too and take care of her .

Sigh.  Oh well, the grapes were probably sour.

One comment on “The wine tour that wasn’t

  1. Hey glad to see you got this thing working! Word to the wise, don’t break the Ginger!

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