Receding hills, view from Ruby Bay balcony

The view of Ruby Bay from our house is gorgeous – and captivating.  The sea is a chameleon, assuming every color you can imagine.  Further, its appearance changes over even short times, as clouds play with the light.  There must be a lot of factors at play to create what we see – clouds, wind, rain, fog, sun angle, tide, humidity, probably temperature, probably others, but mix them together and you have nature’s kaleidoscope.  We are often spellbound – dropping whatever we are doing to gape.  Because the view is partially blocked by houses and light poles etc, I can only cleanly capture certain segments of the view in the camera, and these I will show you over the next few posts – so there will be a lot of photos, and very few words – the pictures don’t need them.  It is hard to believe how the same view can present itself in such fantastically varied and wonderful ways.  The world is amazingly beautiful.  And I must say, there are many many more pictures I could show you of this same view, all different.  I whittled the images down a bunch, and then Ginger made me cut those by half!  We argued more than a bit over a few.  But don’t despair if you want more – there are more segments to share!  Hope you like them as much as we do.

Next posting – view of the distant islands.

One comment on “Receding hills, view from Ruby Bay balcony

  1. […] again” because I have already shown you other amazing views of Ruby Bay (Feb 17, 2014; “Receding hills, view from Ruby Bay balcony“).  These are all new pictures, and I could easily – oh, believe me! – easily […]

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