Islands, view from Ruby Bay balcony

The previous post showed views from our balcony looking across the ever-changing Ruby Bay at the hills receding into the distance from Nelson.    This post will do the same thing, only looking out to sea at some islands.  One of the amazing things about this area is the fabulous light – it’s Provence light, the light that lured the Impressionists.  It’s soft, and glowing, and clear (sometimes soft and misty).  I’ll illustrate with some shots from our backyard; everything is just sharp and vibrant!

The combination of that light with clouds and sea is magical.  What follows is just a whole lot of shots (50!) taken of the same area out to sea.  I hope you’re not bored with these.  I can flip through them and be impressed with the changeling world, or I can display one picture and be just as transfixed as when I first captured it.   I’ve included more pictures than last time because Ginger gave up suggesting I decrease the number (passive/aggressive wins again!).  In my defense, I did a lot of work culling these from a much greater number, all different.  I just like them, so please humor me.  To help out, I have ordered them in something like a tonal gradient.  Of course I put a bunch of the best at the end ….

The world is amazingly beautiful, isn’t it?

Oh, I have more to show (the city of Nelson across the bay, with lights on, for instance), but I’m pretty sure Ginger is right and you will tire of this topic.  Besides, we’re off to tour the southern part of the South Island.  Next post is from the high-peak area of the Southern Alps, Mt. Cook.

One comment on “Islands, view from Ruby Bay balcony

  1. Reid Warner says:

    Ron, Looks like you and Ginger are having a great time. The pictures are awesome!

    General Manager
    Environment Control
    622 Truman NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87110
    (505)232-7700 Ext 3

    “We Clean, We Care, It Shows.”

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